SMS short codes

Recognizable numbers that facilitate engagement

Associate your brand with a short, easily remembered number which promotes interaction

Why SMS Short Codes

Short codes are an incredibly useful tool for supporting a range of mobile marketing and customer engagement campaigns

Short codes are shorter phone numbers, typically around 3-4 digits long, which companies can use for bulk SMS messaging, as well as to make contacting the enterprise easier for the customer. They offer a range of uses, from TV voting to competitions to mobile advertising. Subscribers can instantly recognize a number and associate it with the company, building brand recognition and a consistent user experience. Texting to a number is also easier, improving engagement and retention in P2A scenarios like voting.

Benefits of GMS’ SMS Short Codes
  • With a higher “throughput” – the number of messages that can be processed at once – you can send dozens of texts in a second. This makes SMS Short Code messaging ideal for high volume uses, especially when timing is important.
  • Easy to remember: One short number for all mobile subscribers, regardless of the operator used.

GMS offers a user-friendly method for running and managing effective short code-based campaigns. Enterprises can choose between shared short codes – where services are defined by keywords – and exclusive codes used by a single brand.

Use scenarios
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Surveys
  • Votes
  • Loyalty program member registration
  • Call center or customer support phone number
  • Delivery service number

Types of integration

Select from a range of protocol options to ensure smooth campaign integration.

  • User defined

Getting started

Using short codes couldn’t be simpler. We help you analyze your project needs and develop a solution. Implementing and testing the technical solution can take about a week. GMS streamlines the process, interfacing with all the relevant operators, leaving you with a single point of access for your short code campaigns.

GMS will work with you to design the best communications solution for your specific needs and provide our infrastructure to implement it.

Enhance your customer engagement strategy today.

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