Redefine the business messaging landscape

GMS Rich Business Messaging Deployment

Newest communication
channel for businesses

With RCS Business Messaging, also known as RBM operators can provide brands with a new, interactive and permission-based communication channel, while keeping the reach and reliability of traditional SMS messaging

What you'll get

  • Enhanced messaging experience on brand and consumer side
  • Expansion of your enterprise offering
  • New growth opportunities
  • Holistic aid in enterprise management from GMS
  • Fast time-to-market thanks to GMS expertise

How can enterprises leverage
RBM to accelerate their business?

Send engaging,

Use the maps and calendar app integrations to provide their clients with extra information about their orders, reservations and more

Motivate their audience
to take action

Combine images, videos, files, quick reply and quick action buttons to streamline the purchasing process

Provide outstanding customer service

Leverage 2-way capabilities and chatbot integrations to resolve typical issues quickly and efficiently, while their support experts concentrate on complex requests


Leverage full stack of GMS services, to operate RCS Business Messaging effectively and profitably.
You will be provided with:

  • MNS API and gateway development to connect to Google Jibe platform

  • MaaP platform deployment for enterprises to register chat-bots and distribute campaigns

  • Chat-bot development solution and management

  • RBM management for billing, reporting and interaction with brands

  • GMS RBM Hub to drive international traffic

Let's get started

Our experts are here to help your ideas take flight

GMS has established a well-deserved reputation as a pioneer in international messaging services due to its experience, innovative approach, and ability to tackle complicated problems. We greatly value our collaboration!

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