RCS Business Messaging

Engage customers with rich content, native messaging and interaction using RCS

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Introducing RCS

Rich communication services is the latest iteration of messaging technology, designed as a successor to SMS and MMS for the smartphone world

RCS offers the flexibility and content capabilities of advanced messaging channels (like push or messaging apps) in a handset-native format. RCS couples the ubiquity and reach of SMS with increased interactivity. RCS enhances mobile marketing: by using branding and deep links you can create a message that is both more engaging and functional. Furthermore, with delivered and read receipts, the RCS standard provides better analytics for fine-tuning your campaigns.

RCS potential use cases
  • Events and Travel

    Ticketing: from choosing seats to payments, to delivery via barcodes and QR codes

  • Interactive Marketing and Business Support

    Streamlining customer support with customized chatbots providing immediate response and real time interaction to your customers

  • Effective messaging with near-universal reach

    Multimedia marketing messages delivered over a native channel that drive conversions and sales

  • Interactive notifications offering real utility

    Service notifications that let users confirm or reschedule from within the messaging environment

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RCS Business Messaging features

RCS Business Messaging (RBM) is verified by design, eliminating the risk of fraud and spam – when a customer sees a message with your branding, they know it can only come from you. RBM doesn’t just offer a more exciting marketing channel; it also acts as a secure, convenient new platform to enhance a brand’s engagement with the customers. RBM also natively supports 2-way dialogic interaction between brand and consumer, which enables true customer engagement in real time.

RBM features also include
  • Rich media transfer – images, videos, links
  • Suggested replies/actions
  • Message delivery and message seen reports
  • Support for payment options
  • Complete support for enterprise branding (color, logo)

Taking advantage of our unique positioning and relationship with operators, we intend to accelerate the spread of RCS Business Messaging by enabling RCS into mobile networks while bringing the MNOs and enterprises together. This allows our enterprise clients a clear path to becoming early adopters and guarantees a robust business case for all sides.

GMS provides a turnkey solution that makes creating a new RBM campaign a breeze. Create compelling, immersive, and engaging rich communication messages.

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